Bonfire Kicks

by afghanacid
(London, United Kingdom)

Its bonfire night,
so dark yet so bright,
the sky is alight;
what a glorious sight.
Orange and red and white at great height,
a flash then a bang:
sound’s slower than light.

Me and my girl,
we're out for some kicks,
craving some awe,
that sky rocket fix.
We cut through the flats,
passed towers so tall;
corporate and shiny graffiti and scrawl.

Muffled by London;
So bright yet near dark,
obstructions and echoes,
of Guido Fawkes spark.

The screaming of rockets;
explosions of bling;
insects of fire:
the jewel’s of a king.
Gracing the space,
above our skyline;
as towers keep climbing a space in decline.

We stroll through the muddy;
it's humid with fog,
sulphur and smoke;
like olden day smog.
A storm of our making;
for nature’s embrace,
we light up our world;
to a backdrop of space.

The muddy is murky a single lamppost,
cut’s through the twilight;
I pull my girl close.
The sky is electric;
spark’s romance tonight,
we stop for a kiss under copied daylight,
sonic surroundings,
bonfire night,
these are the moments
which bind us so tight.

Long live the 5th a night of ignition,
and God bless old England and all her tradition.

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