Boogie Man

by Shanon T.
(Seattle, WA)

A boogie man lives in my drawer.
It’s something I cannot ignore.
He throws my socks and hides my shoes,
He eats my underwear, I’m not amused.
Getting dressed is such a chore,
When the boogie man lives inside your drawer.
I tried to reason, I offered a snack.
He bit my finger, he tried to attack.
I left the treat as I sulked by the door.
Hating the boogie man who lives in my drawer.
There are holes in my clothes and a pile made of buttons.
I must wear the same thing, and soon I’ll have nothing.
I don’t know what he wants,
He just teases and taunts.
It’s totally unfair, as I’ve said before.
When the boogie man lives inside your drawer.

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