Boozy Christmas

by Shep
(Trimsaran, Wales)

It's time once more for Christmas cheer
Excuses not for drinking beer
Tots come and go within a flash
And next we know we're on our backs

Next morn awakes and forth it brings
That horrid head that thumps and rings
And tongues of purple proud display
A relic of that previous day
While pouches dark neath dreary eyes
Remind the pockets of their size

And suffer must in great despair
For nature's course to ill repair
When through the day we vow in verse
Never to repeat this curse

Until once more resolves unhinge
From invites to a New Year's binge
And in repeat, a day's delight
Precedes the dawn of one more plight


When all in all is at an end
In celebration to this annual trend
A welcome holds in heart forlorn

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