Both Sides Of My Eyes

by dungheap36

It's not so bad as 
I thought it would be,
Tossing around my love.
I give it to you, no second thought,
After all it is my love..
To give

I close my eyes and
I see your face,
I gather your scent,
I shudder at the thought
Of your touch.

You are so special,
Sensual and sexual,
A beautifully human soul.
Foolish for not holding on.
For letting it slip away.

I see you, your beauty,
Your heart and soul,
From both sides of my eyes.
With my heart,
With my mind.
So I don't understand how they
Could end up being so blind.

I'm not the only one
Who has found your heart.
The searing, mind numbing pain,
If only lasting for seconds,
Is nearly too much to bear.

What's hardest I've found
Is giving my heart away.
No second thought,
It seemed natural,
After all it's my heart..
To give

Crush it gently...

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by: southpawokpoet

You scare me "crush it gently", I mean that in a gentle way. You are good, please write more and share. We need you. rest gently please. Dusty

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