boy dreaming?

by Helena Draven
(W-S, NC)

twilight in the morning lights out and dreaming
he is dreaming i can hear it in my head
echoing the desires in my mind he is, in dreams
smoke heavy in the air and floating
he is dreaming i can hear it in my head
echoing the emotions in my heart he is, in dreams

in dreams we are whole in dreams we are one
hearing it in my mind never in front of my eyes to see
echoes of echoes down the hallways of my soul
rolling in the shit of my past beauty is found
covered in the detritus of years
hanging in the balance between misery and ecstasy

never thinking of the reality flowing into the surreal
wanting to break away and shackled to the truth
sweaty ruminations and stumbling realizations
trip through the minefield of self delusion

but he still sleeps
and i can hear his dreams

when will i be a dream
gone and gone?

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