Boyce Brandon Harris – Bright Brooklyn Bruiser

by matthew scott harris
(schwenksville, pennsylvania)

pocket full of fall down

pocket full of fall down

(alternately titled: Zayda born April 9th, 1929)

e'er since his birth,
his daring do didst not abate
the penultimate most spectacular
concrete incontestable product

constituting biological offspring
developing, fashioning,
and incubating gene nee us,
he unwittingly didst create

encoded whence he got conceived
approximately begat circa
July nineteen twenty eight,
and hence upon April ninth

two thousand and eighteen
cometh denoting exceptional great
ness among kith and kin innate
awareness to take stock and celebrate,

how a series of fortunate events
commencing with a date
to Harriet Kuritsky
(at that time, yet to pledge her troth)

accepting storied handsome fellow,
whose constitution sturdy as "forest" timber
(definition of groom) to be lawfully wedded wife...
until death do them part)

unwittingly marriage didst emancipate
my mother, who met a awful, cruel
and terminal undeserving fate,
which tortured demise, the grim reaper

gladly, gleefully, and glibly
held her steadfast
thru death decreed grate
a permanent life sentence,

she vehemently did hate
and fiercely fought tooth and nail
(unimaginable to me,
thee sole son), how
agonizingly bitterly clearly irate

such suffering wrenched, wrought, wrung
August marriage permanently
cleft by malicious, nefarious,

and opprobrious tongue
no heroic measures, only lamentation slung
upon the livingsocial clinging,
where grief rung

every last ounce,
though thru each passing year
thy mum gone thirteen orbitz
round the sun, that shear

ring raw emotion
still persists in concert with lear
ring grimace of deathly hallows, 'ere

obstinate heart ache lessened now
since papa found bliss
in which to steer the prow
of his four score and nine

aged ship of state row
wing (or more or less peacefully drifting)
berthed in consonant with vow
wills - a staunch spirit does wow!

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