Break my heart...

by Samantha

When we were both friends, you used to say "this friendship will never end". Now that we are apart, I wish our friendship didn't start. We used to laugh, but now you broke my heart in half. I feel sorry about what I said, but now you broke my heart instead. Don’t say you need me, because I will never change. Don’t say you want me, because it would feel strange. Now that you’re with another girl, you feel like she can change your world. But you are that kind of boy, who got my heart and got it destroyed. I see your face once in a while, and that does want to make me smile. I try not to cry, but it feels like I want to die. You used to call me every time, but this relationship is like a crime. Break my heart again, and when you do I will understand. When I meet you, I did not have a clue. How mean you are, when you broke my heart apart. when I stare into your eyes, I feel like I can touch the sky. I hope you are that type of man, that would touch my hand. Who would hug me tight, and afterwards I would cry. I just need some space, I do not want to see your face. Please stay away from me, give me some time and let me breathe.

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