Feeling Alone 

Breaking up is never easy. Our Break Up Sad Love Poems explore the pain of separtion from different angles. These verses reflect on the aftermath of a relationship and the myriad feelings that arise when we seek to cope with loss. 

Ending a relationship can be just as difficult on the person initiating the break up as it is on the partner who would choose to maintain the relationship. Most caring people do not wish to hurt those they have loved. 

We hope you find some solace in our words that deal with the dénouement of something that was once beautiful but is now no more. The sooner one accepts the new reality, the quicker the healing process can begin. 

Whether you are on the receiving end or initiating the separation, we have just the right sentiment to see you through.


The first time you called me
Our very first date
I remember
That first kiss so clearly.
I’ll never forget
All the things we have done
For the love you have shown me
I’m grateful.
But time has taken
So much of the good
And we have grown tired of hurting,
And though this is hard
We both know it’s true
So let only fond memories
Reflect me and you.


I wish I could make this better
Dry the river of your tears
Take away the pain you’re feeling,
The memories of our years.
We’ve meant so much and lost so much
But time is the only healer
For you and I to love again
We need to still remember
That we were destined to cross paths,
To walk a while together
And even as we say goodbye
Thoughts of you I’ll always treasure.

Plenty of Fish

If the stories our parents have told us
Are true
And there are plenty of fish in
The sea,
Then we need not feel too bad or cry many tears
Over the break-up between you
And me.
And though there may be a plethora of girls
A plethora of boys there are too
There will only be one who was that someone
And that someone
Is still you

Helium Baloon

Like a helium balloon
This journey begins
When we let go
At first the balloon remains close
But gradually becomes more distant.
As we watch from afar
The colors become more muted
And we wonder where it goes
But though we may not see it
We still feel the wind blow


I don’t want you to be sad
Or jaded about love
The time that we have shared
Can never be replaced
You’ll always be a part of me
Saved in a special place
And all these gifts you’ve given me
I shall still embrace

Poetry by Sarah Spoors

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