by Tushar Biswas

You are missed whenever rain hits my heart
Does these drops take my worth to you every season
I speak my stories to these silver tear drops for hours
Do you get every word of mine?
Or Do you breathe no more

My soul plays behind your immortal wind
No one knows, what hides inside my fears
The sky bleeds by your name at this end
And why are you not echoed in the silver tears
And Do you breathe no more,

I lost my fairground behind storms, again
I cannot sleep, Something stole my dreams
And that something kept me alive by the lanes
That Streched our soul before window panes
And do you breathe no more,

The broken leaves has covered your way to me
I survived all alone through out the frost
The silver drops mixed with my tortures,
And then I breathe, when the hope is lost
And do you breathe no more
Do you breathe no more?

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