by Lisa Michelle Goulet
(Seagrave, Ontario, Canada)

We will love like six year olds,
Relentlessly foolish and magic to hold.
Believe in each other like legends and folklores,
Embrace in each other’s worlds... and I’m done for.
The warm wind whispers more like a scream,
And it’s calling for answers and calling for me.
But it tells me your message – 'cause that’s what friends do –
It says not to worry, “I’m the kiss that he blew to you”.

I’ve never had a heart that beats like this,
Flutters of spontaneity, and beats that are missed.
Anything can happen, true as I’ve seen,
It can happen if you believe, wish and love... and dream.
Anything I have lost, I have found again in you,
Anything forgotten, you’ve made seem like new.
I’m tripping, twirling, here - back and above,
Anticipate this moment-baby, “ in love.”

Nobody speak, this is perfect.
Nobody move, interconnect.
Motivate me, or rape me of psych or sedate me,
I’m yours for this moment, forever... just take me.

I’ll give up addiction and make you my habit,
Drop everything but our suitcase, just go to get at it.
We don’t need a plan and we don’t need direction -
We’ll follow the stars, hear our guts- no objections.
And when we get older we won’t resent our lines,
Each one traces chapters to the greatest story of all time.
We may not have been written of, or mentioned in history,
Because the world could not fathom what you mean to me.

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