Broken Heart

by Majestic

Lost, listless and cold.
No longer brave. No longer bold.
Wandering through my mind.
Whispers speaking in kind.
Thinking of things leads to heartache.
Following through will lead to heartbreak.
What sad thoughts these are.
I hoped so much and yet things seem so far.
I think of you in many ways.
Hours feeling like days.
Feeling all passion and fervor depart from my soul.
Trapped in a never ending hole.
Why can't I be better? I try.
But then I lose and then I cry.
Things that never were or I hoped would be...
Things I don't think I will ever see.
I'm sorry for failing you.
I still love you true.
But actions speak louder than words or simple thought.
This feeling is what I have wrought.
I don't know if I have it in me to take up arms and fight.
I simply wish to lay and die in sight.
An empty space where my heart used to be.
No more Day. No more me.

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