by Amy Brown
(NSW, Australia)

The girl you fell in love with
she's still right here by your side
Only now she's broken, so empty,
She's become a stranger in your eyes
You look over at her, as she begins to cry

She's in need of help, she's dying inside
With your arms around her so tight
Is the only time she feels safe and alright
And is free from any pain
She misses your touch
And longs to feel your love once again
for that girl to be found, she needs these things so much

Can you hear her calling out to you?
She needs you so badly
She's lost and trying to find her way back
She reaches out, buy you're not there
You're gone, and once again she falls,
A million pieces on the floor
She cant find the strength to pick herself up anymore
See, that girl who fell so hard for you,
Thought you would always be there to catch her
But you weren't, instead you broke her heart in two
She won't ever believe you meant to hurt her so much
She knows that's not something you would intentionally do
But this pain is slowly killing her
And she just doesn't know what to do
She never wants to leave you
But she knows she just cannot stay here like this
She struggles more and more each day
You have no idea what she goes through
If only she could go back to a happier day
When she cuddled up in your arms
and all the pain just went away.

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