by Caroline

I was broken when you found me.
Living in a pit I'd dug with my self despair
And on rainy nights it was the hardest
But you offered me protection from the cold.

Your skin stretched around me.
Bones so strong not even thunderstorms could knock them down.
Your heart pumped love, pumped warmth and acceptance.
Words so sweet they became music to my ears
And now I could dance as I watched the rain
From outside the windows - your eyes.
I had found shelter in you.

But the home you built me failed the test of time.
Soon your bones began to collapse around me.
Skin contracting - suffocating me.
You began to sound like a broken record.
The cracks in your windows began to reveal themselves.
You were just as broken as I was
So I was forced to move out.

Back in the rain.
Back in the pit.
Learning to love the cold you found me in.
Even harder than before, now that I have tasted warmth.

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