Brothers of Brothers ghost

by Philip J. Carney II

Brothers ghost settles like a damp cloak
caught in a reboot loop, suppressing themselves
In the sand, in the guns, ghosts were born
from killing sons
Our years of play, with models & clay
war games in the garden in the fall
Everything dead or dieing, covered in frost
Ladyfingers & crab apples compare nothing 2
how the truth bleeds and drains your youth
Scared ? No time 4 fear, literally, "burning sh*t"
Microscopic grit
Breathing the soot of earth's ancient fossils soul set ablaze
Wondering, where yours will go, will it have mattered ?
Livin' it ... so be it ... deliver us as u see fit
Abrams offers psychological protection,
training quenches orange tongue tangs adrenaline
On your toes
scanning scanning
anything anything
honest II G*d just educated guessin'
4 u were their Brother .. in Abrams
Mission accomplished is heinous
as is heinous as is heinous
as ever was heinous
Medals & acclaim are not the same
2 bring back Brothers & Lovers
don't get started about their Mothers
After sacrificing Brother ... Brother like no other
upon Brother upon Sister upon Father upon Mother
upon Aunt upon Uncle
upon everyone that knew that Son or Daughter
4 what? The right II burn the flag, exploit the weak
& maximize profit with constitutional protection?
Why are we so far from who we can be
Never failed yet still yearn II succeed
Brothers ghost Brother so upside down
20 years playin' hide & seek with yourself R U winning
didn't you win already?
Mocked up not funny comical commercial clown
full on facade only likes 2 hide now
hiding right in front
right in front of
you & me
Extend a hand a hug & a home
2 those that died but are not buried
securing your right 2 hate these words

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