Burst Bubbles

by Kewayne Wadley
(Memphis Tennessee)

And there the most beautiful tragedy
An angel saw the devil
Chewing a piece of gum.
The angel asked for a piece,
The devil said no & blew the biggest
Bubble he could.
He hoped it would make the angel
Envious of something she didn't have
but instead,
The bubble burst & got in his hair
Over his lips and on his face.
The devil grew mad, furious that
The gum was tangled in his hair.
& In front of all people, an angel no less.
While the devil expected the angel to walk away,
She did the opposite.
She started picking pieces of the gum
Out of his hair & started removing
Some off his face.
The devil snarled and offered the angel
Some of the gum he had in his pocket
When the angel received the gum
She winked revealing the needle
She used to pop his bubble

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