But You Have a Girlfriend

by Sarah Sisson
(Worthington, Ohio)

I want to tell him,
But he has a girlfriend.
His eyes, so gorgeous with the lights dimmed,
His face added to that, makes a wonderful blend.
Everything was ruined.
I had a plan.
She came and it got loosened.
She threw my life in the trashcan.
You were my everything,
You brought joy to my life.
Now that feeling is hanging by a string,
And she’s about to cut it with a knife.
I want to tell you,
That you’re stuck on me like a tattoo,
I want to make our relationship from a different view,
But you have a girlfriend that stomps on me with her shoes.
You are my secret love,
Nobody knows that you’re the one.
It’s like a beautiful dove,
That sings a sweet little hum.
Please don’t shut me out,
I want to be a part of your life,
Let our friendship sprout,
To something more and not a fight.
But you have a girlfriend,
Who likes to tease,
And to offend.
I hope that now you see,
That she's as cold as a winter's breeze.

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Mar 31, 2014
by: hi ooo

this is good. really tells us how you feel

Dec 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

This totally describes my life

Dec 08, 2011
i like this a lot.
by: Anonymous @sarah

it tells a good story.

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