by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Modesto, CA)

There are a thousand ways to kneel down
There are as many ways to kiss the ground
Seeing the egret spread it’s white wings
As it does it prays to nature as it sings

As it flies off to the grey morning light
I’m reminded of being in God’s sight
After seeing it’s white wings distinct
My perspective clear and now it’s in synch.

Wild roses of brilliant pink I can smell
I am more present with God I can tell
I sense, I smell, I hear now differently
I am aware of creation more intently.

The colors, the beauty of the divine
All for me as God’s holy design
A meeting, a relationship with him
As nature sings him their hymn.

Remembrance of creation sacred
My life he has protected and cared
God desires a relationship with us
He has gone to length and fuss.

Look around and see the divine
Open your mind, let it shine
It’s not just about the life we live
It’s about how much life we give.


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by: Ross Porter

This is awesome, I love the imagery and the analogies. A great work.

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