by Tushar Biswas

Dark eyes had so many words to scatter
A soul was left back in torture to see
Come lie to me, convice me till I get better
Can you hear me, Can you hear me.?

Everytime I howl your name in the air
Yelling it a million times from here, just to see
If someday to us, these clouds may get fair
Can you hear me, Can you hear me?

Did you steal the color of roses from my playground
Were you hurt by it's thorns, Did you bleed
They took your name, to cover their cosset sound
Can you still hear me, Can you hear me?

I felt your breathe, hiding in my nerves
But it never came to believe, all that I feel
They stood behind you, and I was only observed
But you can still hear me, I know you hear me

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