Can't Say it in Words, So I'll Write it.

by Anonymous
(Somewhere on Earth)

Sometimes I can't say it in words but
I can write it for you baby. Just read…..

When I met you my heart was in tiny pieces
I didn’t want love, but the more I got to
know you the harder it was not to fall,
you made my heart beat fast, then really slow,
being wrapped in your arms gave me the promise of safety,
Your kisses stole my breath.
I want to spend the rest of my
life with you,I want to get married,
have many kids,watch them grow up, find
my first gray hair with you,help you
remember things when you begin to forget,
guide you around when your sight decides
to go, carry you around the house when your
bones get too weak to move, I want to die
in your arms. You are my everything; my best
friend, my future hubby, future baby daddy,
my soul mate.

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