Care, Compassion and Co-operation

(Karachi, Pakistan)

"Madam! I lost your thousand rupee note today!"
said my maid, crying, one day,
"I was just about to reach the shop,
when, to check the money, I had to stop
and then, realizing, that it isn't there,
oh! I did check EVERYWHERE!"

"Oho! Now do stop crying sweetie,"
I replied in sympathy.
"It isn't exactly your fault,
and it's not even like you've lost a whole vault!"
"Oh baji, you are SO nice!"
replied the poor thing, as cold as ice.

That was when I realised the importance of care,
and I wondered why, among people, it was SO rare.
I wondered how I could help in the furtherance of respect,
from this world, extinguish the defect
of superiority over others
and make everyone equal brothers.

Truth is, we don't really care about how people outside are treated
and that is why our country today is defeated.
Before saying anything, put yourself in that person's shoe
and try to imagine what you would do.
So, in this world, for elevation, never leave the side of CARE, COMPASSION and CO-OPERATION.

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Dec 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

good poem

Oct 16, 2012
Good poem :D
by: Anonymous

Woww.. very nice poem :)

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