Castles and Queens

by John Smallshaw
(London, England)

Could my life be any more..than twenty four..
..hours in a day?
Would I have it less? or anyway at least I guess..
..that twenty four is like a game of chess.

You makes your moves and moves your pawns..
..and battle through those chequered storms..
..until you reach the other side.

The life seem awful wide..especially when you start to ride..
..the game.
All the same..I think that twenty four could test the best..
..and certainly it finds the flaw..and it always seems to look for more.

Today's okay..nine hours have gone..flashed past so quick..
..almost enough to make me sick.
But there's still more hours to come and come they will.
These hours are just enough to fill..
..each day.

And any more would be enough to stuff your pockets full.. bull.
Twenty four..twenty four..think I adore..
..the number twenty four.

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