by Anna Lovering
(United States)

sepia/russet clouds

sepia/russet clouds

With in a sky view
driveway, to look up,and
see stretched cotton balls;
filled in the round

soaking up the water's weight
to only let it fall again.
They sag from the laced
dew point which serves as

a test of a dropper that
lines each cotton corridor.
These heavy strands jump rope
inter lapping one over the other.

Washing a blue slate beige
mirrored from above towards
cracks in and on pavement as
a race with a cradled moon,

highlight stealing through,
shooting five pointed ringed
fires thru a night. Where
sulfur has drawn a time-line

on a horizon with wheat fields
who are grown and empty. Which,
as another day seemingly is
washed away dirt from ashen grey.

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