Chasing the Flying Turkey

by elroy
(St. Catharines, ON, Canada)

She seemed beautiful in her spry reddish plumage marred only by a cameo branded just above her duff that was sometimes mistook for an artifact that represented something other than itself nevertheless were one to get close enough to grasp its significance so I learned this unfortunate was unduly pointed in the eye for this was no peacock with a deployable fan for chic diversion but a ruthless bird with a spear for a tail and a pointed story that deferred the end until she was safely airborne which brings me to my beef about the turkey who led me round by the nose on foot in its bullpen and threw nothing but strikes at my brain which began to swell to the idea of this fowl's olfaction ideas about hard work and dedication and no vacations until she took one and left me to mind the space betwixt life and death and opportunity including her pile of signatories left in the corner for her to feed on when she returned in the form of a letter that stated I was to continue towards the gate where the keeper would point to a key which I spied crossing the yard attached to a string attached to her knee for she was dragging it along beckoning me to proceed proceed this way my little dunderpate towards the gate the gate this way and read the sign which read insert the key below her majesty's artifact and turn t'was then when she flew up and away

It lay on the floor stamped by the TV tray:a letter of dismay.

It lay on the floor stamped by the TV tray:a letter of dismay.

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