Cherish Mom

by Jennifer DeRosa

Cherish the moments you have with your Mom while she is still here.
Let her know you appreciate her. Let your last words to her be "I love You" for one day it will be. If your relationship is sour make it sweet, forgive her for her faults, love her for who she is, after all, No matter what she gave birth to you, God gave her a gift, She gave you the gift of life. she did her job as best as she could, she provided, loved and nourished you, guided you, taught you right from wrong , she was always there for you , she stood by your side through it all, a Mother's Love is unconditional , unfortunately it is not always appreciated while she's still here. Spend Quality time even if it's for a little while, make time for her, when she's gone is when it will hit you like a ton of bricks When you grieve you don't want to live with regrets cherish your mom today for tomorrow is never promised.

~Jennifer DeRosa

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