Children Living In Poverty

by Nicky Marinkovic
(Leeds, UK)

After watching a documentary on children in poverty
I felt extremely humble; saddened by what I did see

These stories were told by admirable, young children
Who shared with us tales on how their families function

On benefits with not enough to eat three meals a day
How some of them had never experienced a holiday

The way they told their stories helped me understand
They lived from day to day, tried not to make demands

To have never shared a holiday and family time away
Parents struggling to meet the bills they had to pay

Benefits did not cover the costs of their daily living
Basic needs are met by the government’s providing

They realised the need to get a job when they grew up
Listening to them speak, they’d already had to grow up

Labelled as being poor but grateful of such little things
How could we ignore the importance of their feelings?

For any child to live in poverty, at risk of being bullied
For how they dress, lack of toys, not because of greed

Knowing we’re rated as a country with such high poverty
Really did make me question our government’s sincerity

Will this ever change; for the children’s sakes it should
If we can help bail out the banks for economical good

Tell me why we are failing to provide for these children
What’s happened to this country that we all call Britain?

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