Children of the Night

by Helen Mihajlovic

Children of the Night

When dusk falls they all arise,
As the sun vanishes from the skies,
They leave their graves with need,
To fulfill hunger on blood they feed.

Undead creature wandering the night,
Harmed merely in day’s light,
Centuries pass still death doesn’t appear,
Mortal decay you will never fear.

Hunted through decades by mankind,
Evil power makes you difficult to find,
Eternity elapses alone in sadness,
As time is spent bound by darkness.

The Devil’s servants can countless form be,
Wolf, bat and mist difficult to see,
Hypnotism with a wave of a hand,
Their bite can make you God’s damned.

With vampire teeth you instill fear,
A monster that brings death near,
Immortal children of the night are you,
In dark quarters hide Nosferatu.

As sun approaches with harshest light,
No more can be seen of the night,
In your deep grave you will lay,
From the warmth of dawn far away.

© 2013 Helen Mihajlovic

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