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November 2011 Featured Poet Completionist

Christine Redderoth Roderick

Christine Redderoth-Roderick
Christine Redderoth-Roderick is a Connecticut based writer who has spent the last 16 years working in education. A mother of two teenage daughters, Christine was an avid writer before starting her family. She was inspired to revisit her craft when she discovered MWW poetry prompts on Facebook.  Her special talent is long form completion, where her narrative style is compelling and highly original.

A passionate and dedicated professional, she found her true calling six years ago while working in a resource setting with middle school age children with learning disabilities. The level of creativity it takes to find what works for each child's individual learning style is a challenge and something she incorporates when completing the image prompts for MWW.

She has a general Liberal Arts diploma but secretly fantasizes about a degree in English.

Christine can be found completing prompts on Twitter


The children huddled together.
Supporting each other,
supporting themselves with
the warmth of the other.
They could feel the heat off their bodies.
They could hear the gentle sound
of hearts' beating.
They were cognitive of the blood
moving through their veins.
Words, if spoken, said
what was already known amongst them.
Their love had no boundaries
for they had a shared experience.
They were alone.

*written in response to a prompt on child poverty in early 20th century London

The white capped waves,

the rolling thunder.
We hit each one hard.
We rose to the top and crashed as
we ascended to the other side.
The sea is so unforgiving,
and yet so loving.
The soft feel of the water as
it rushes over your skin.
The weight as it pulls you under.
The gentle reflections of light.
The harsh darkness at night.
Its surface, smooth as glass.
Its waves hard and fast.
The wind stirs a roughness
only a few will ever see.
It pulls you in, it pulls you up,
it leaves you adrift
in the middle of nowhere.
It takes you places you'd never imagined.
It's open, it's closed.
It is the path that our lives followed.
We come up for air and
occasionally we drown.
On a beautiful, sun drenched day
we sail along peacefully,
knowing it's a matter of time until
the skies open and we feel the
glory of the ocean all over again.

© Christine Redderoth-Roderick * 2011 * All Rights Reserved


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