Christmas Black

by Kenneth Dobson

Christmas Black

Tis the season to be jolly,
But many know this is folly.
Christmas Eve’s called Silent Night,
Unless the choice is fight or flight.

John Lennon questioned “Do they know”,
While global divides continue to grow.
And a dream of White Christmas is only a yearning,
As world temperatures rise and the earth is burning.

Population explosion creates a starvation danger,
Ensuring there’ll be no room in the manger.
Each religion chooses to deck their hall,
With slogans of hate for their neighbors to fall.

Cheerful, gay and jolly thou Art,
For I possess the cold black heart.
What comes upon the midnight clear,
Is all that we hold as dear,
Not mistletoe, nor tree, nor wassailing,
But simply keep our world from failing.

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