Christmas Cookies With Mom

by Patty Sherry
(Rivervale, NJ USA)

(Dedicated to my mother who died February 1984)

I thought I forgot how to bake cookies
After all it's been so many years
missing cookies at my table...
and I swore to everyone that
I’m not a baker!

My mother did that, and I don’t remember!

and I thought I forgot how to roll pie crust
as thin as your famous Boston Cream Pie was
the one you made every Christmas...

I must admit, it was never really my favorite
but I liked to dip my finger in the whipped cream
and you always yelled, "Patty, are your hands clean?"

It’s been so many Christmas’s without you
and the lights have dimmed on the pain
and I am twinkling again, merry and bright
still dreaming, still believing, beaming
Feeling the magic of Christmas night

I took out my bowls and measuring cups
butter, sugar, flour, and some baking powder
stirred my emotions in cookie dough

and before I knew it the memory came back
and I was nine years old in the kitchen...
it was like riding a bicycle, so simple and clear
after so many years there I was...
baking cut out Christmas angels and hearts,

To say, I’m not a baker is no longer true
for the first time this Christmas
I’ve let the baker always within me shine through
Yes, I bake cookies, and damn they’re good!
and Cheers to you mom, you probably knew they would.

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