Christmas day poem

by kieran barter
(beaconsfield )

One day there was a father Christmas
coming to our homes and drinking our wine
and eating mince pies
and he came down with a bad chest
and then he went to the doctor's
and the doctor gave father Christmas some tablets
and he did not like the tablets
then he spat them out of his mouth
and then he gave them to David
and then David was very ill
and he said to his mum I want to go to bed and sleep
and then David got up in the morning and said to his lovely mum
"I fill much better now because I slept really well
in this nice warm bed"
and then father Christmas went back to his grotto
and he said "I do not like David"
so farther Christmas will not see David again
and then farther Christmas was very upset
and he was not going to be a father Christmas anymore
and will not go to give the presents to children at night
and the children said "we like father Christmas.
please come back we want you so we can give you some wine,
and a hot mince pies and a cup of milk"
thank you very much father Christmas
please come back for some more mince pies.
from all the children in England
good night father Christmas
Happy ever after in the end.

The end.

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