Christmas Magic

by Daniel Van Sickle
(Toronto, Ontario)

For days and days you wait and you wait,
Carrots, cup of milk, and cookies on a plate
A young child's Christmas is like a Hollywood flick,
For how magical it is to believe in St. Nick

You remember those nights when you just couldn’t sleep,
When you’d climb down the stairs without making a peep.
But then came that night, the world might as well have ended
No Santa was seen, for mommy and daddy pretended

For the next couple Holidays things weren’t the same
The gifts piled up reading, From: That Fake Name
With each tear of the paper, you peered at your rents
No time for fun without Santa's presence

After a few more Decembers the feelings had passed,
The ole' Christmas Spirit had prevailed at last
Family, friends, eggnog and cheer,
Make for the merriest Christmas’s year after year

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