by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Modesto, CA)

I dance with my Cinderella
We have our love song
I was a very lucky fella
The clock will strike twelve
And she will be gone.

Life together we just began
Now you may have to leave
Why, I don’t understand
How can this happen to us
Your love I must cleave.

I am sick my handsome man
Chemo they want me to take
We may need to make a plan
I may die from this you know
But I should for family sake.

Come dance with me in pink
I will hold you because I can
We will pray your tumor shrink
Many do survive and you can too
You’re Cinderella, I’m your man.

If I should not make it and go soon
Don’t let our love be for nothing
Our love song will be another tune
In heaven I will wait for you to come
Pretty in pink bury me in something.

I danced with my Cinderella
Her life for me was a love song
I still am a very lucky fella
The clock did strike twelve
And now Cinderella’s gone.

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