circadian rhythm flux shoe waits

by matthew scott harris
(schwenksville, pennsylvania)

chic hens oof tha sea.

chic hens oof tha sea.

(alter knit lee titled: vita in oculis nudato)

goo goo gaga I wanna yell
cuz, synonymous
with other wordsmiths,
whatever will eire'n burr,

a sought after creative
passionate pursuit aye tell
ye a boot me own aha...eureka insightful
revelation explaining
ma quotidian writing spell,

and phalanges skitter
across qwerty keyboard
at light in an attempt to quell
onslaught tidal wave crashing

upon me conscious state pell mell
which tsunami flood spongy
heady gray matter with hell
over high tide heals assailing,

bruiting, clobbering this fell
low inducing (me) to play
Handel's Semantic Water Music
on the smallish piccolo cello

which Sirens of Tighten,
(who just appeared out of thin aire -
cuz scriveners can resort
to prestidigitation to make appear

any necessary entity
without rhyme or reason),
anyway, this sylph sea Oceanids nymph
i.e. mermaids didst dee clear

particularly via
barely audible verbal communication
sotto voce en dear
ring gently beckoning
affinity this modest heir

to secret himself within secluded lair
whence, an automatic
erectile flickr, kickstarted,
levitated, and manifested

an instantaneous jubilant kik
lobbed me near
this seductive, sedulous, and sedum
scented sir experienced hypnotic stare

charming froto into trance scandent state
as if by magic the tubular
testicular proboscis didst inflate
aptly serving as modus operandi flagellate
thus proving a "happy ending" against being celibate.

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