City Awakened

by Daniel Miltz
(Hampstead, NH U.S.A)

City Awakened

{Free Verse}
May 1, 2018• Copyright © daniel miltz

Spruced, cleaned up, did up
It's been ages or so of corruption erupt
As yet, making heads or tails of disrupt
What could have been, a city of brotherly love
From, we will never blink free of
The once boom town of olden days, forgotten
With its forsaken downtrodden
Reflection of shattered wind hum
And vanished forebears, begotten

Times --News flash hearing
Bouncing back, itty-bitty
Fordtown, Motor City
Rousing, awakening, breathing
The start of a new beginning
Know-how, patcher uppers, mending
Casing, coating, covering
The fractured wounds of di-TRITE, history

By and by, one and all to see
That you're recovering so forth, to be
Time will camouflage all of thee
Leftover wounds, fade and shade
Generous amount, lipstick, paint, masquerade
To feather back in, the once decried
And find character domain with pride

No sense in holding, something, blurring
Expectation is in the purifying
Smell the wild breeze of futurity
Witness the buds blooming
And a sea of new faces developing
Promising, a forgetful time of *Big D* nebulous dreary

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