City I Love

by Christine Redderoth-Roderick
(Southbury, Ct)

Mt. Marcy, New York State

Mt. Marcy, New York State

When Lucy said "Meet us in New York",
she didn't mean this New York.
The New York with jagged mountains
and snow covered fields.
Where miles of open land meet
beautiful rolling hills.
Where quiet dinners are shared with friends.

Lucy wanted her New York.
The one whose buildings rise up
like stalagmites.
Where people flow onto the streets like
water from a faucet.
Where the flavors of the city are
as diverse as people who live there.

Lucy loved all things creative and
the city provided that to her.
The city is and has always been
her secret wish, her secret dream.
She missed it when not there,
and breathed it in like oxygen when she was.
Her New York brought her senses to life.
When Lucy said "Meet us in New York "
she meant her New York,
the city of skyscrapers,
and trains .

The city that she loved.

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