City Lights

by Esther Thornburg
(Cantril, Iowa USA)

Beyond the city lights
The stars shine bright,
Not dimmed by lights below
Unseen by those beneath the glow
Who are busy running to and fro.

When might they begin to learn?
Out on Observation Hill it shows
Bright stars through the ages, shinning still,
Not of man's making but God's will
Shinning on until time is fulfilled.

A message they brought to those of old,
Of the virgin, and the child to hold,
Of the serpent, and of the shepherd for the fold.
Of the cross, and of salvation, foretold.
Beyond the realm of stars

The glorious throne of God is high above all.
It is undimmed by city lights,
It is untouched by earth's decay or blight.
It shines on when time is gone.
It shines on eternally long.

from; Timeless Words of Poetry
author, Esther Thornburg

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