by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Modesto, CA)

Life’s fabric spun from space
Pulled from the outer stars
Lovingly hand drawn created
From heaven’s fractal light.

By a word, a word of love
The cosmos drawn into one
Created order.

Silently I wrap myself in this fabric
My fragile humanity clothed with
Dimensional fibers of created truth
Known through mind and soul

From the outer darkness of time
To be integrated in infinite love
A cosmic gem transcending distortion
Reflecting the star's light above

Giving honor by being to The Infinite Creator
I am from divine royalty founded in love
Born of cosmic consciousness
By the alpha and omega

Wave after wave I ride the luminous light
That takes me higher and higher in consciousness
Infinity is to be experienced by those who believe
Life is not a dream. This is your invitation
To remember we are one and the same!

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