Cold starry night

by Joseph Carolan
(Blackburn, Lancashire, England)

The White Star line designed a ship,
Titanic was her name.
And on her maiden voyage she sank,
She never returned home again.

A midnight cold, clear starry night,
The ship sailed on full steam,
The warning shout, the iceberg loomed,
And the Titanic tore open her beam.

The night was dark, the hull was breached,
The water flooded in,
The ship slipped down beneath the waves
And lives were lost within.

The survivors pulled on life jackets,
And in life boats they stayed,
Until the rescue ship arrived,
And the people were all saved.

Carpathia came, and all were saved
And on their way they sailed
To a misty New York harbour,
the crowd so sad they wailed.

The greatest ship the world had seen,
Titanic was her name,
A watery grave her resting place,
She never returned home again

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