Cold, Steel Lab Table

by Erik Wilson
(Miami, Florida, USA)

I am 1925.
I am John Scopes.
You keep throwing books in the fire.
I'd like you to stop.
I am James Madison.
I am Thomas Jefferson.
I tell you that I don't know--but you say you?
How DO YOU know?
We're all waiting.
For I am Charles Darwin.
Your screams are terrifyingly shrill--
I am forced to till in your barren soil; devoid of truth.
I am Charles Darwin.
I'll take my tea with Richard Dawkins and Hemingway now please.
Milk, sugar and lots of refreshing agnosticism.
I have to go home now--to gather my clothes. To the train.
To Walden Pond--I'm only bringing good books and cannabis.
The tenth avatar of Vishnu shall soon come!
I am waving to you from "veritas" windows.

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