Color Poems for Kids

Color Poems for Kids

Every student learns the spectrum of colors from the time they enter elementary school. But what is a color poem?

Color poems are about a single color; referring to that color by using analogies, similes, or a list of nouns. One goal is to convey the uniqeness of the color by employing all of the author's five senses when describing the color.

How to write a color poem

For elementary school students we highly recommend that you integrate a Y-chart into your syllabus. This will add a structured element to the lesson and will help children determine what their chosen color looks like. They can then utilize their senses to describe the color in detail.

Color Poems

TASK: Ask your students to use a Y-chart to determine what their chosen color looks, feels and sounds like. Then have them write a Color Poem using metaphors (not the words directly from the Y-chart).

Share Your Student's Color Poems and
We'll Publish Them Online

Are you an educator teaching poetry to your students? Our editors are always looking for new poems to add to our collection. Submit your student-written Color Poems to our editors by emailing them to us here.


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