by Ashley Pillay
(Gauteng, South Africa)

It never felt so good to hold you in my arms, this warm gentle spirit I call my wife
Let the hurt and pain of the ordinary dissolve into the dust that once spawned life
I seek refuge in your ever forgiving heart and your undeterred courage
A courage that is relentless in the face of my overwhelming stubbornness
You protect me and I don’t see it
You save me but my pride doesn’t allow it
I push you away and all you do is stand there and accept me
I feel it now as your love breathes life into this baron soul
Stand by me now; hold on for a little longer
Stay with me now and I’ll hold you forever

For you baby (Selina)

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awesome thoughts
by: Pravin

brilliant dude, what inspirational words. i am is everywhere...just gotta embrace it

by: Trish!

WoW!Love the way U chose the words,Very intense and deep,Once again u Showed only natural talent can put a poem like that together,Well Done!

master mind
by: Anonymous

This poem can relate to many people that can't express themselve so thank you Ashley as many people will use this poem!!!

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