Cool autumns day

by SCB
(Leicester ,uk)

Like a baby laying sweet and warm upon a bed so soft and secure that holds them close and keeps them safe an till they stirs an till they must awake,
to rise again and face a new with innocence in there eyes that has no need for any, for any lies, who's quite content not to look upon but just to lay without the need, the need pray.
Upon an early cool Autumns day.

Like that first early mornings step that is taken out into the world, with out any anticipation as it has already been felled,
when the crisp fresh air blows gently upon my bear face that sends chills down the spine and fills with such grace, grace of the wonders that await us as we step out, step out into the fray.
Upon an early cool Autumns day.

Like a fresh new dew drop that lay upon the flowers petal that holds so much beauty as it stays and It settles, it seams to caress the whole world in such a spectacular bouquet that we hold such wonder that we never want it to go and never fade away.
Upon an early cool Autumns day.

Like the first waking song of a bird that sings so sweet that breaks the quiet stillness while the rest of the world is asleep, with the joy of rebirth of a new breaking dawn I have no need to hide away and feel so torn of this free feeling I can truly say.
Upon an early cool Autumns day.

Like the first rays of the suns light that lay upon my brow which brings a smile of joy of the thought of thee, that fills my whole being with warmth and a feeling of unending glee, to look upon and divert my gaze to see the nights darkness grow bright and to watch the dark fade away
upon an early cool Autumns day.


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