by Jide Martins Faleru
(Istanbul, Turkey)

Corona virus how destructive you are?
You penetrate into human's body
You stood there and held the organs to ransom.

How destructive you are?
Earth has been shut down due to your destructive elements.
Your destruction kept us to stay awake because we don't know who is your next victim.

You held the economy to ransom, the whole world stands still and your venom becomes a thing that strangles the lion whereby the lion held to captive and refused to roar.

You disorganized the whole health system and held us helpless and unprofessional in our field, and we became a novice to practice what we know and care for.

You kept our children indoor to exhaust their energies, their routines, education changed whereby new learning process becomes a boring arena and uninteresting activities emerged to destroy their love for education.

You exposed the negligence of some leaders and how unprepared they were, you tested their leadership, and they were shaking.
You demoralized their existence and you got them back to work to have sense of humanity.

Corona virus how destructive you are?
Who are you? Do you have a name?
Corona virus was given to you to be identified, Oh! Sometimes, you are called COVID-19
Identify yourself!

This planet is not your territory and it is not a place you can emerge.

The endless work of our scientists, researchers, doctors, nurses, caregivers, and pharmacists will not be in vain.

You will be destroyed, defeated, crushed, killed till we get breathed out of your life because you have caused so many pains and destruction on this planet earth.

You are vanquished !
You are conquered!
You are destroyed!
You dare not come back!
Your elements have been destroyed.
Vanished and return no more to planet earth.

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