Cosmological Fantastical Imemorial L'l Opus

by matthew scott harris
(schwenksville, pennsylvania)

lemme be earnest...about cosmos

lemme be earnest...about cosmos

aswirl within tremendous maelstroms
universal united uninhabitable cauldron
tempered with analogous:
outrageous, portentous
thunderous cacophony in tandem

with thick mucilaginous fog
metaphorically postpartum
nebulous placenta afterbirth
and/or proto planets aborted

per primordial material
slowly (millions of years) coalescence
annealed bubbling primeval soup
engendering (extant
via immeasurably immense stretches of time)

subsequent birth of quasi solar systems
where antediluvian cosmic midwife prepped
quintessential biochemical laboratories
across gamut of space

inexorably incurring, inviting, inuring
pseudo plasmatic phenomenal possibilities
vaguely concatenating, incubating,
nursing inhospitable
wryly, wrought-fully,
write-fully Weltanschauung

respective environmental, geological,
meteorologically rendered seething broth
conglomerations fused inchoate legions
of Ongepatchket protean quixotic
rudimentary shapeless threads

winding up at greased lightening
eventually simmering temperature
thousands of degrees
conducive for indefatigable living organisms
congealing despite galactic Golem

whiplashing microbial unicellular entities
subjecting globular linkedin progenitors
across the countless eons
where hellacious heat gave way to
punks like cool and the gang

drafted heady lagers produced
thickly XXX bergs exceptionally humungous ice
hundreds of millions years ago Arctic vortex
preserved intact forebears of this writer

who still retains
one percent genetic Neanderthal Man
stock, lock and barrel.

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