Cradle From Heaven

by Kingsley Kurien

A cold winter Bethlehem night of December;

A beautiful sight is about to assemble.

A cradle came down to earth;

To herald JESUS's birth.

A sweet 'lil baby in a manger;

He is my Saviour and & not a stranger.

The twinkle in his eyes;

Made the stars shine so bright.

The baby in the manger shone the brightest;

Sending a sign of his humble yet noble birth.

The holy cradle was welcomed by cattle;

This 'lil baby would battle for me forever I never imagined.

The shepherds came to worship;

With all the cows and sheep.

The wise men on camels spotted the star;

They worshiped him with frankincense and myrrh.

His mother felt blessed the most;

He was born to save sinners who were lost.

His father looked amazed;

And thought of all the troubles they had faced to bring the Saviour to
the world.

Who knew the baby would go on to save the world?

To bring sinners into light;

To save us from trials and tribulations;

I give my salutation to the King of Kings.

For all the world to see and praise;

He held my hand and raised me from sin.

He was born for you and me;

The very LORD JESUS CHRIST who lived a life as a man and died for me;

For his great love towards me I will never be able to repay, the debt of his love;

And on the Cross he paid for it for my deeds.

He is my Saviour, the one who will be etched in my heart forever.

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