Crazy Primates

by mrcs students 9-12
(Erie, PA)

Primates are so great they rule the world.

The orangutan is so hairy, it shaves every day.

The dwarf lemurs eyes are so large you can use them as bowling balls.

The spider monkeys tail is so long it can reach the sun.

Gorillas are so strong they throw the Apollo’s into space.

The pygmy marmoset is so small germs can keep them as pets.

Baboons are as tall as a giraffe.

Chimpanzees laugh so hard they will knock your socks off.

A howler monkey is so loud you can hear it across the world.

Macaques are so furry they can be used as a blanket.

The bamboo lemur’s jaws are so strong they can chew through a house in seconds.

And humans are so awesome we can write poems like this!

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