by William P. Marino
(Billerica, MA)

We wonder why we're in a sequester fester.
Let's take a look at credibility.
Look back in the recent history mess ups.
And why Americans can no longer believe.

President Reagan sold some weapons to the enemy.
We let it go because we liked him.
Bush Senior went to war for the oil companies.
And Monica Lewinsky  liked Clinton.

Bush Junior went to war with the wrong people
So he could go get the oil his dad went after.
The war money spent caused the deep hole.
The stock market and oil are up from disaster.

We should all be listening to the president,
Common sense should trump everything.
No, we listen to someone who picked Sarah Palin,
Or a lying rich robot, like Romney.

Fear is the big driver of the hole we're in.
The Republicans paint horns on the president's head.
While their truck loads of revenue keep moving. 
Infrastructure is crumbling, Detroit is almost dead.  

The more we hold out hold out on the sequester.
The more American people get hurt.
Republicans are courting fear and disaster
It's with infrastructure and growth they flirt.

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