Credit, Where Credit's Due

by Dionne Ashley
(Burlington, Ks. USA)

I am a mother,
and I can thank only you;
For although you didn't plant the seed,
without you, I wouldn't be.
I am a survivor,
and I can thank only you;
It was the way that you raised me,
that helped me pull through.
I am a wife,
and I can thank only you;
without you as my role model,
I'd be lonely and blue.
I am a winner,
and I can thank only you;
That day at the finish line,
I knew it was you.
You are my mother,
and I love you more than words can say.
There's a strong feeling of closeness;
even when you're far away.
You are the reason I breathe air;
and to you no-one can compare.
So to end this note;
it's because of you
I know how important it is;
to give "Credit, where credit's due.

I love you MOM!

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