Cries of the day

by Swila Bathool
(Karama, Dubai, U.A.E)

In a day, we can hear the cry
of poverty in a place that is dry

Their ribs can be seen
heed them and don't be mean

In a day, we can hear the cry
of people who mourn for the ones who die

Brutal murders and natural deaths
hear the cries, O! Who have breath

In a day, we can hear some mourn
who cry for their loss, of their properties that drown

In natural disasters or man made
help them out, don't make them fade

In a day, we can hear the cries of the innocents
innocent girls being raped by the descents

They cry for their body being sold
protest against it, keep them hold

In a day, innocent people are being arrested
accused of terrorism by the governments those are corrupted

Feel the tears of those people
protest, don't let their sound feeble

In a day, hear the cries of those who protest
to claim their rights, but they arrest

Help them find their longed right
encourage, bring them into light

Cries of the day, goes on and on
take them into heights from what they are prone

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Oct 26, 2012
fantastic poem
by: Anonymous

Its a very wonderful poem

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