Crooked America

by Javier Muñoz
(Chicago, Illinois)

I am the land of the free and the home of the brave

Looks like that cliche line was a mistake

Fighting the injustices that we are faced with

Our people getting arrested everyday

They say we have the freedom to speak our minds

How is that possible when we get jailed for saying what’s right

I seen Dr. King get gunned down for having a dream

I seen Cesar Chavez get arrested for helping those who could not scream

Figures from the past have died for us to be treated fairly

Fast forward to the 21st century and nothing has changed

Only thing that’s changed has been reasons why our people die

I’ve heard Eric Garner yell “I can’t breathe”

Just as the officer threw him to his knees

I’ve seen hundreds of immigrants being killed in their search for a better life

They even kill their babies and rape their wives

Where was our freedom when Michael Brown got shot

This is the world you live in, like it or not

I am Crooked America and what I say goes

If you don’t like how I am, then I’ll be at your casket with a rose

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Crooked America
by: Mrs. Mackie

Excellent observation, extremely insightful.

by: Miss Auguste

This is great; I love it! You are very talented and smart, and I have always known you were a leader and are destined for greatness.

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